Changes in career.  After so many years of that “work to live” life and feeling utterly miserable I decided enough was enough!  Inspired by the quote “the things that you are passionate about are not random but your calling!”  I decided once and for all, that my days of being a financial adviser didnt need to continue.  The things I am passionate about are Art, Charity and Shopping.  I have indeed combined all 3 and started my own business in April 2016.  I feel relieved, I remember just sitting at my desk thinking I got another 20+ years of this.  This empty feeling, that there simply was more to life than this, my heart was no longer in it.  So inspired by this saying I decided to forge ahead and start my own business.  Very lucky for me I am very well connected and got in touch with artists all over.  I also got recommended to many others well as.  Wow, what a fantastic response I got, from so many people internationally.  However simply not enough hours in the day to complete all tasks and have not moved outside of Africa yet.  As I have quite a bit of Art from Europe and America to include in the near future.  So at the moment our stuff is from Africa.  These artists are in rural areas in Africa and extremely talented, desperate to put food on the table.  There stuff is simply so original, handmade, unique, stunning and collectors items.  Everyday I am sent stuff, asking for my approval if our customers would like and buy it, which is difficult as everybody has different tastes.  Beautifully hand carved African curios, handmade belts, leather and bead sandals, paintings, clothing (Dashiki and Kente material) Wall and Home Decor, Argan Oil made using the traditional method, baskets, handbags, and wire/bead Art. Please see our shop for over 430 gorgeous and unique treasures Beautifully made and difficult to find items. Delvi International was launched in April 2016.  The original website we had was simply no longer suitable, so decided to build another website, still busy with the finishing touches.  Really grateful as well to social media, I am a huge fan of “Pinterest” Instagram and Facebook.  Where would we all be without social media, one things for sure we would not be in touch with old school mates etc.  I am also very inspired by friends who encourage this new business and by the artists who now feel, due to the fact we are proudly showcasing their work internationally, this indeed makes them “entrepreneurs.”  Driven by their positive attitudes and how proud they are of their work, how lovingly they create their items with such dedication, sitting under the hot African sun.  I am completely convinced that I will not be going back to that empty feeling of sitting at my desk or visiting clients in their offices.  That feeling of a forced smile and “act as if” or “put up and shut up” …..everything is supposedly okay but deep down feeling like I simply had no life, nothing to look forward, up until now.  Now I feel revitalized, I have to force myself to go to bed night, and I get up in the morning with a completely different outlook and renewed energy.  We all only have one life, so being bored and unhappy simply cannot be part of that life.  So Charge!!!