With the internet and social media revolution, has meant that so much is suddenly become so much more accessible internationally.  Online international shopping sites such as DaWanda, Etsy, Bonanza, Zibbet and Ebay are advertising such beautiful handmade items.  Your money is always well spent, rather then purchasing one of a million made, from a factory, that mass produce with high profit margins.   Furthermore purchasing from countries that you have and probably will never be able to visit.  You are also supporting the artists directly, their dreams, talents and their local communities.  This furthermore assists the artists to create job opportunities in their local communities when their items become more and more in demand.
Supporting handmade artists, who make one of a kind, is so important in todays current economy.  It is so important to support these small businesses and artists over these big corporations.  You will always have such incredible detail and personality in each handmade item, that is nearly impossible for a factory machine to reproduce.  Items that are handmade, are more quality and often become collectors items.   These talented people are using their talents to create beautiful items that are unusual and for many years to come will always be treasured and may even be passed down to through the generations

These time consuming treasures that are handmade with incredible detail, imagination, hard work, love and dedication, with no two items exactly the same.  Handmade products always feel more personal, you feel a sense of community, a story behind the product and encouraging such incredible and gifted artists the reason to continue with their talent.   It also guarantees that no one will have the same item in their home as you!  It is very personal not only to the buyer, but to the maker.  The reason also to buy handmade is to support the many talented people out there in the world who are trying to get started with their business, or simply to put food on the table for their families.  A huge amount of time, effort, imagination,  and love go into making these handcrafted creations which are great works of art.  When you buy handmade, its not just about buying a product, you are indeed supporting an artists who has put vision, time, effort and incredible dedication into their creation.  Its personal, the item has a story and you are enabling the artist to continue using their talents and following their creative dreams.
The emotional feel good factor of purchasing handmade is incredible, knowing that you are supporting a talented and hard working artist.  They make creations that involve years of learning and improving their skills.  Involving a lot of passion, enthusiasm, commitment and time.  We should support their inventiveness, originality and creativeness.  They’re priced to sustain a living for the artists. We are helping sustain someone’s dreams of becoming a painter, artisan, craftsman and sculptor.  You are providing financial support for someone out there in the world who chosen to follow their dream and talent and in turn have a beautiful treasure.
Please always keep this in mind when you see “handmade.”  We at Delvi International work with many rural artists in Africa, showcasing their beautiful and extraordinary items internationally.  Please see our website for over 500 handmade goods from undiscovered artists,