The internet is ablaze internationally for people looking for ideas what to get their loved ones for Christmas this year.  International shopping websites advertising their millions of products from their numerous shop owners, where they can look for something unique and possibly from abroad.  Items that will not be found in their usual shopping malls or high streets, so there cannot be any mistakes of others receiving or giving the same gift.   Items that are going to be treasured for many years to come.  Etsy, Bonanza and Ebay to name just a few.  Pinterest also being used for ideas and possible purchases, and of credit cards taking a beating.  It is incredible the numerous gorgeous items that are displayed, from being personalized, to handmade, usually very difficult to find and unique.  Making this another unforgettable Christmas.

For couples or newlyweds wishing to furnish their homes and deciding to use Christmas as a way of achieving this.  A personal favorite for me is always handmade.  I have already done an article on handmade goods and just how beneficial it is not only for the buyer but for the seller as well.  Etsy is one of the biggest and most popular for searching for Handmade items.  Displaying gorgeous Handmade items for the home, to jewelry, clothing, ornaments, gadgets and personalized items.  This is always money well spent and supports the many artists in the world, assisting them in growing their small business or for some rural and undiscovered artists, help putting a meal on the table.

Always a great idea on your Christmas/Birthday shopping list is add the word “handmade.” We at Delvi International deal with numerous artists in Africa.  Who are very talented, dedicated, inspiring and hand make their time consuming creations with  such love and patience.  We assist them by showcasing their items internationally, bringing rural and undiscovered artists onto the international markets.  Their commitment and dedication to making such beautiful items is very humbling.  Leaving their rural areas to rush off to their nearest post office to post off their items to customers internationally and then following up to find out just how happy the customer is with their new purchase.  There eagerness is so humbling.  After spending weeks going through the entire process, of making their items, in most cases to simply put a meal on the table is so sad.  Please take a look at our website  We have over 400 unique and gorgeous items, shipping is already included in the pricing for international delivery.  We are confident that you will be amazed.

Two of my friends have started their own online companies, one of them being on Etsy and another .  Zmir arts does lovely handmade jewelry whilst Shop Flamenco does Flamenco dresses and attire.

Go online and view the many international shopping websites to get something special for your loved ones.