DECORATIVE BOWLS Beautiful decorative bowls from Africa. Made in White Olive Wood, Mahogany or Ebony wood. We have hand painted or hand carved bowls each with an African theme. Our great variety of these bowls that make great ornaments, to store items or as gifts for someone special. We proudly showcase to the international community these bowls. We have numerous themes from Africas big 5 (“African lion” “African elephant” “African buffalo” Cape buffalo, “African leopard” African leopard,”Rhinoceros”) and other African designs. Direct from artists in Africa. We really pride ourselves in showcasing very difficult to find items, and collectors items. Our items are NOT massed produced they do however have an artists who is dedicated in bringing you truly awesome and unique items. No two items are exactly the same making it a collectors item and keepsake treasured for years. Please get in touch should you have any questions or if you have any requests.

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