DECOUPAGE OSTRICH EGGS Decoupage using real ostrich eggs. This unfertilized egg was obtained from free range ostriches from the Western Cape in South Africa The egg has been evacuated, cleaned. A small hole at bottom of the egg. A definite for the African Art lover and a gorgeous item to have in your home. Comes with a beautiful hand carved egg holder, so as to keep your Ostrich egg standing up without falling. Beautifully and professionally made, and a collectors item. This egg would make a beautiful gift something truly different and unique. This egg was cleaned and bleached before decoupaging. Ostrich egg was used by the San (Bushmen) tribe of South Africa to store water in the Kalahari Desert. We have a gorgeous range from Africa’s Big 5,(“African lion” “African elephant” “African buffalo” Cape buffalo, “African leopard” African leopard,”Rhinoceros”) cheetahs, elephants and Nelson Mandela. Shipping internationally is already included in the price.

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