DRINKS COASTERS Beautiful and unique designs. We have solid wood designs with Africa’s Big 5 in mind (Africa’s Big 5,(“African lion” “African elephant” “African buffalo” Cape buffalo, “African leopard” African leopard,”Rhinoceros”) as well as hand beaded coasters. Made by artists in South Africa. Our items are not massed produced in a factory but lovingly made by artists by hand. Majority of our treasures you will find it difficult to find or not find at all on other shopping channels, no two items are exactly the same, making it more valuable and collectors items. Our artists are humble, very talented, eager to please, are prepared to go that extra mile for customers and take great care in presenting their very finest work. We in turn are proud to show case their items to the international community. Each treasure can take anything from several hours to several weeks to make. We work with several artists, some of them have won awards in their countries for their designs

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