We have a fantastic range of African rugs and cushions. We stock real Zebra, Kudu, Springbok, Impala, Gemsbok, Angora Goat Mohair, Blesbok, Blue Wildebeest, Medical Sheepskin rug and Nguni Cow hide.

We have numerous designs whether patchwork or in the natural shape. Please let us know if you would specifically have your own measurements that you would like to have made up. A remarkable piece of Africa in your home. Beautiful soft leather, tanned professionally, minimal flaws. Can be used as a rug, throw or a wall hanging. Top grade and only the very best is selected. Animal hides are often unwanted by the hunting industries, are cleaned and tanned, which allows their natural beauty to be appreciated for many years. Are transformed into beautiful bags, rugs cushions, tableware etc Home Decor with a difference, beautiful feature, something that will be admired for many years to come. A definite for lovers of Africa, something that will be treasured for many years to come.

This has been handmade with such care and dedication by our artist, it is not mass produced in a factory. Majority of our treasures you will find it difficult to find or not find at all on other shopping channels, no two items are exactly the same, making it more valuable and collectors items. Our artists are humble, very talented, eager to please, are prepared to go that extra mile for customers and take great care in presenting their very finest work. We in turn are proud to show case their items to the international community. Each treasure can take anything from several hours to several weeks to make. We work with several artists, some of them have won awards in their countries for their designs.

The hides are obtained during culling season. It is not from illegal culling or poaching.

***International shipping is already included in the price, Also inclusive in the pricing is also the export permits.*** Please be assured that you are buying our hides legally. The items are strictly inspected prior to being sent to you by courier.

The items are strictly inspected prior to being posted

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